I am so excited to be up and blogging. It’s my first time so be gentle 😉 We are
JDS Video & Media Productions, Inc. Obviously, by our name, we produce video and media specifically corporate video for training, orientation, streaming and marketing needs. We also produce CD-Rom’s, author and produce DVD’s, website design and maintanance, and can duplicate and replicate discs. That doesn’t cover everything we do but you get the idea. Go through our website to find out more: JDS-Productions.com.
As you can see from the first few posts, Diane and Colleen have posted some of our video work. Diane is my wife and partner at JDS she handles all the admin. work and client contacts as well as producing and scriptwriting. Basically, she does all the work and I get to play with cameras, lights and editing software. And me? My name is Scott. So if anything in this blog ever offends you…good…you can blame me. LOL.
I plan to discuss the importants of using video to market, promote and grow your business in this blog. If you’re not already doing so…shame on you…it is the most powerful and effective tool you have to get your message out there! This is the You-Tube generation and that’s where you’ll find the largest group of potential customers ever!
I also have a passion for helping people, so in this blog I plan to discuss topics all across the board. So read and enjoy at your leisure, comment often and keep the communication open with positive dialogue even if you disagree.


Welcome to the land of the Misfit Toys.

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