By: Diane Strand

Using a video to market your business is one of the most powerful ways to communicate your message to current and potential clients. A video can inform, educate and explain your business and services unlike any other marketing propaganda. It allows the message to be clear to your end targets while engaging them completely. People in today’s world remember more when things are seen and not just explained.

Why should you consider adding video to your marketing mix?

  • Boost comprehension and retention by 50% over just a live presentation
  • Show prospects how you perform, to demonstrate quality, integrity and precision
  • Explain or demonstrate complicated products, to ensure your message gets through completely and accurately
  • Distinguish your product with motion or sound, so its benefits are seen and heard
  • Bring your product or service right to potential clients at their convenience
  • Share great testimonials and expert endorsements
  • Reap the benefit of higher staying power; print pieces are often tossed upon receipt
  • Make your marketing more personal
  • Save the environment; video marketing is green

For those of you who like statistics:

  • A video expedites buying decisions by 72% versus print
  • 97% of videos are watched at some point
  • Six times as many people prefer video to printed material
  • Some studies suggest that 94% of videos are passed along to another viewer

In today’s economy, it’s prudent to continue to market to reassure your current clients you’re still around and let your potential clients know who you are. While video might initially seem more expensive, in the long run it’s the most economical solution:

  • A video lasts 2-3 years before major updating or changes are needed
  • A video has multiple uses, including on your website, inserted into a blog, as a CD-ROM or DVD leave-behind or give-away, and as material for a presentation or pitch.

Video Marketing is also Green Marketing.  A video allows you to make your marketing personal. And as we know, we do business with people we like and trust. Leaving behind just a tri-fold or flyer takes the personal touch away and leaves you with another graphically designed dead tree.

Solutions and Benefits of ways to use Green Video Marketing in your Business:

  • Add streaming video to your website
    • Watching a video is much easier than reading a block of text to promote your product, service or company image
  • Use Video for Television or online advertising, promotion or communication
    • Video offers a stronger sense of credibility to advertisers
    • Television advertising strengthens your Brand
    • Good online videos go viral, allowing you to captivate a larger audience with only one video placement
    • Internet users click on video’s “Play” button more than they click on image ads
  • Use video for your tradeshow booth
    • Draw people into your world
    • Keep potential clients entertained while you are talking to other potential clients
  • Send video e-mails
    • In a matter of seconds, you can have everyone in your mailing list watching your video
  • Distribute your video and company messages on Interactive DVD or CD-ROM’s
  • Brochures and print flyers are more expensive per unit to reproduce and/or update than DVD or CD-ROMs
  • Video training or as a hiring tool
    • Training videos increase retention factor among employees and lower worker comp rates
    • Promote your business/company to potential employees
    • New hire orientation videos are good for telling the history/story of the company

Using Video to market and promote your business will provide the best visibility possible and raise your company profile. A video used for any purpose will instill trust and confidence in your target audience weather it is your internal customer, (employees) or your external customer, (clients & potential clients). Video is the most important tool that a business needs to survive and grow in today’s economic climate.

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