By: Diane Strand


 If you heard about twitter or are just getting started and still aren’t sure what to do with it, consider that twitter offers one of the simplest social networks formats with the least amount of time required to get started and maintain. Like any social media it takes a bit of effort to learn how to use and interact with others, build your own branded twitter page, and generate a Following, but compared to Facebook and MySpace the set-up takes only a fraction of the time and its ongoing use is low maintenance.

The good news is there are spectacular quality articles that give great tutorials and helpful pointers for getting started. Google on the twitter topics of your interest.

Following are 10 reasons why twitter might be the easiest social media for your organization to break into for creating brand interactivity and real time relationships with your customers: 

  1. Twitter Is Free – Like all highly used social networks, the good news today is there no charge to get started and continue building an unlimited “Following” (database) of contacts that want your news. If you use twitter correctly, it can be a great media without ad costs.
  2. Getting Started Take Only Minutes – Unlike LinkedIn, MySpace, and Facebook which can be great for growing your contacts and public relations, Twitter is simple and reasonably straightforward.
  3. It Takes Seconds To Get Your Point Across – There’s no need for lengthy projects or hours of strategic thinking when all you have is 140 characters (one and a half sentences) to make your point.
  4. Building A Database Can Be Easy – If you already have a database of contacts and prospects you can search for them on twitter or send messages via other advertising, like your monthly newsletter.
  5. Masses of Customers Can Get Updates – If your audience is highly tuned into what your company does, twitter allows you to get the word and links out to your information in seconds.
  6. It’s Not A Time Consuming Monster – You’ll need to decide how frequently you want to twitter (comment). You may only use it a few times a week in which case it will only take minutes out of your schedule.
  7. No Technical Experience Is Required – If your firm does not have a ‘whiz’ with software, there’s no coding or technical experience required. It’s a simple as writing a line and submitting.
  8. Google Loves Tweets – As your following grows; you’ll find that a variety of software applications will capture your content on their platform. Google catches their updates and keeps it for searches.
  9. Easily Share Updates And Links – If you’re in a business where your customers are in front of their computer, you can note when new products arrived, regular policy/news updates, etc.
  10. Create Real Time Relationships – By sending out regular updates, your followers can feel like they’re interacting with you. Most companies buy on trust and value as much as they buy because they need the products/service. Twitter can be monumental for building trust.

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  1. Hey Diane, Just found you by searching the networked blogs of Facebook! Great article, but there are a few things that I’d add to the post.

    Every business should be involved at some level of social media, unless you never have to sell anything to stay in business. Because it’s free, there’s a low adoption risk in doing it. In order to get started all you have to do is sign up – but to be effective, you should hire a designer to place your brand on your twitter profile page. If you miss this step you will be lost in the sea of 0_0 faces and default background – you brand is the only thing that’s going to separate you from the 1.7 million others! Other than that I really agree with everything else here! Awesome stuff!!

    Oh – and Google does love tweets, but not TinyURL’s so put your entire URL in the tweet if you want to get a real back link.