JDS Video & Media Productions, Inc. is currently staffed, we do keep resumes on file to review when hiring.

We hire on a PER PROJECT basis and on an AS NEEDED basis. Hired contractors will sign a “JDS Video & Media Productions, Inc. Independent Contractors Contract” and have a signed W-9 on file here at the JDS Office for these job descriptions.


Steady Cam Operator:

Please send demo of work with resume, and specify if you own your own equipment. APPLY


2 Person ENG Crew with Equipment:

Please send demo of work with resume, and specify your equipment. APPLY


Camera Assistant:

Must have basic equipment knowledge, and done some work as a camera operator. APPLY



Must have some experience. APPLY



Must know Avid Media Comproser, some After Effects, Photoshop, DVD Studio Pro, CD-ROM and Web Streaming applications. APPLY


Production Assistant:

Field and Office. APPLY



Looking for school credit. APPLY


Web Designer:

Must know HTML and Web 2.0. Designs sites using DreamWeaver and understands SEOptimization, and e-commerce implementation. APPLY


Graphic Designer:

For graphic design, must have great Photoshop skills, know how to design in Flash, and understand animation and motion graphics After Effects a plus APPLY