DigiFest Temecula, April 22, 23, 24, 2022

Festival and Conference Submissions Open November 15th

Imagine a red carpet and lights flashing at you. The crowd goes wild, and your work takes center-stage. What seems like a faraway dream can actually come true with Temecula’s annual digital-media festival and conference, DigiFest Temecula. DigiFest Temecula was created to promote networking, appreciation, and recognition opportunities for those interested in the digital-media industry. Entry categories for the festival include short film/video, music, photography, graphic art, podcasts, animation, gaming, and music videos.

DigiFest Temecula was created by the founder of nonprofit JDS Creative Academy, Diane Strand, and was brought to fruition in 2017; thankfully today Diane is able to combine her efforts with the support of the Festival Coordinator, Lynn Cohen. Ultimately, DigiFest Temecula aims to promote all forms of digital media, along with providing opportunities for digital creators to network and learn. The festival competition has one of the lowest submission fees of $25 and under. It’s important to the festival organizers to keep the cost low for entries and tickets so that everyone has an opportunity for recognition, networking, and learning, regardless of financial status.

Giving opportunities to all, is what embodies not only the essence of DigiFest Temecula, but the essence of JDS Creative Academy; the organization behind the creation of DigiFest Temecula. JDS Creative Academy is a nonprofit with a mission to bring visual, performing, and digital arts to all. Festival Coordinator Lynn Cohen believes, “DigiFest allows opportunities for all, students especially, to submit their creations and have them judged by professionals. The event itself gives those who enter a chance to network and meet those in the digital media industry. DigiFest really gives an opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and accolades which can be leveraged for future opportunities.”

DigiFest Temecula is an international festival that accepts digital submissions from all around the world, and encourages anyone who is interested in having their digital work professionally judged to submit entries. Who knows – you may even win one of the coveted DigiAwards! You can enter as a Student, Amateur, or a Professional. If you are under 18 years of age, or still in high school, you are required to submit under the Student category. Otherwise, entrants in higher education or working professionally are encouraged to submit either as an Amateur or Professional. Judging standards may differ depending on the submission category.

During the three-day event, which occurs April 22, 23, 24, 2022, attendees will be able to screen and exhibit the submitted work from all the mediums; network with industry insiders and other content creators; and attend presentations given by industry professionals about their specific digital-media field. DigiFest Temecula brings together some of Hollywood’s leaders from animation, film, television, video directors, writers, producers, and Emmy Award-winning talent.

Submissions open for DigiFest Temecula on November 15, 2021! The early bird deadline ends on January 28, 2022, and that’s when submission fees increase by $5 for each category. The final deadline is March, 25, 2022, when submissions close and the judging process begins. Mark your calendars and join JDS Creative Academy on April 22, 23, and 24, 2022 for DigiFest 2022, Temecula’s Biggest Digital-Media Festival!