By: Diane Strand

Bringing media outlets to Inland Southern California will help lead the way to this area’s economic recovery and future development. 

Inland Southern California is made up of over 4-million people that include Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Inland Southern California is the second largest metropolitan area in all of Southern California, 3rd in all of California and 14th in the entire United States. Currently these households do not have a local network media broadcast, they are a part of the Los Angeles local news and advertising. 

Think of all the lost advertising dollars and, therefore, economic dollars that are lost in this region. This also means those dollars are going to the betterment of another regions’ economic growth. Inland Southern California, also known as the Inland Empire, is no longer the bedroom community to Los Angeles and Orange County. Our region has been hard hit by the recession but we are projected to remain California’s fastest growing region for some time to come. For a region to develop and attract new business in today’s economic climate we need to have a voice and a finger on our own backyard.