By: Diane Strand

Are you on Facebook, but not sure how to fully use it to promote your business? Lately I have been hearing from associates and other professional colleagues who are not sure how to use Facebook to promote their businesses. There are just too many different options to choose from.

I have picked the top five actions you can take on Facebook to get more clients and build your list. Here they are:

Create An Effective Facebook Profile
Make sure to add your picture, your bio and a link to your web site. When your potential client comes to your profile page, they want to learn more about you. When you share this information with them, they connect with you and they remember you. That is exactly what you want your target market to do on your profile page – to learn more about you and to connect with you.

Add Your Newsletter Subscription Box To Your Profile Page
Use a Facebook application called Profile HTML to add your subscription box to your profile page. Doing this will help you get newsletter subscribers right from your Facebook Profile Page!

Add Your Blog To Your Facebook Profile Page
Got a blog? Use the Notes application to have your new blog posts appear on your Facebook profile. This way your friends will be able to read your blog posts, follow links in your blog posts and comment on your blog posts right from Facebook.

Create A Fan Page On Facebook
Create a fan page for yourself on Facebook to help you promote your business. A Fan Page has an important viral marketing aspect. Every time someone joins your Fan Page, this information appears on their Facebook Profile. This way their friends will see information about your Fan Page and will be able to join it too, giving you with more exposure.

Get Active, Create A Plan
Social networking is not a one-time action. To get results from social networking you must take action on a regular basis. Create a plan for taking action on Facebook every single day. Outline who you want to connect with, how much time you want to spend every day, what kind of actions you want to take, and what kind of results you expect.

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